Closely streets, a famous university and hidden parks, lawns and courtyard dominate” the city of Cambridge, England.

Located in the north of London, the city is adorned by the Orange River and the modern buildings interspersed ancient as College Chapel for the kings in the history of science and mathematics center of the modern University Cambridge.

Paris always get the nod as the capital vote of light by wide boulevards, open space and lush green trees, by its street life and by the typical architecture as well as the large palace its opposition to British architecture, it raises up the unique and specific to the city.

The aesthetic characteristics of Paris are affected extensively by 19th-century Haussmann plan for the building facades typical.

Strength uniformity” of Paris makes this beautiful city capable of attracting unique works strangely like the Eiffel Tower once controversial, modern Centre Pompidou oddly (due British architects and designers Italia) and the Institute of the Arab world has innovative traditional medium high.

Moreover, the height limit in the city’s history has limited the development of the skyscraper. It makes you feel like you’re walking in the shadow of buildings in most parts of the city.” KTS Kaufman said.